Another great thesis contribution to Herbanext's advocacy of promoting the applications of natural products in the Philippines, by Stephanie Uy Woo of St. Paul's College of Nursing in Iloilo. "Synergistic antibiotic activity of oregano essential oil with commonly prescribed antibiotic and antifungal drugs against pathogens causing nosocomial infections" demonstrated that oregano essential oil can significantly enhance efficacy of antimicrobial drugs against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Thank you Stephanie for your exceptional research work, will make sure your study will not end up in a shelf but will have a positive impact to industry and society. Herbanext is truly grateful for you taking the time to go to Bacolod and presenting your results to our R&D team. The study supports an earlier M.S. thesis of Adrienne Marrie of UP Visayas on the potency of various Philippine essential oils against pathogenic bacteria. Looking forward for more thesis volunteers on the topic in the coming months!