Tawa Tawa (Euphorbia hirta)

Also called Gatas Gatas because of the healing properties of its milky juice, this herb has gained widespread attention because of its ability to help patients recover from dengue. Folk wisdom regard it as a hemostatic, which may help explain why blood platelets increase after ingestion of a boiled decoction of the plant.

Daily Apple’s Tawa Tawa capsule is an extract of this wonder herb. Now you can take therapeutic doses of the herb without the hassle of boiling the leaves and having to endure its bitter taste. Take 1-2 capsules 3x/day until platelet count increases. For children who can’t swallow a capsule, you may mix the contents of the capsule with powdered milk or sugar and feed directly. Be sure patient drinks a lot of water. Combination of an immune booster and vitamin c supplement may also help in faster recovery from dengue.