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Alabastro visits DOST-assisted enterprises in Bacolod

May 16, 2009 - 5:15:19 PM

BACOLOD CITY, May 18 (PNA) The team of Science and Technology Secretary Estrella Alabastro visited on Wednesday four enterprises in Bacolod City being assisted by her department with funding and technology interventions.

Alabastro came with DOST Regional Director Rowen Gellonga, Assistant Secretary Carol Yorobe, and Director Nuna Almanzor of the Industrial Technology Development Institute.

One of the companies Alabastro visited is 3 G’s Aqua Venture, a prawn farming business owned by spouses Gerardo and Irma Joy Javelosa.

Costing P4.096 million, the project includes a beneficiary investment of P3.298 million and a DOST Innovation System Support Fund P798,000.

Mushroom-based medicines

Philippine Daily Inquirer

HERBANEXT IS THE BRAINCHILD OF TOYM awardee, scientist-agriculturist Philip Cruz whose personal interest with the healing potentials of mushrooms, particularly the ganoderma lucidum variety (a polypore mushroom found growing on dead logs in the deepest forests in China), paved the way for the company’s pioneering product, Ganomax R. Together with his colleague, Integrative Medicine physician, Dr. Regio Sales, Herbanext later produced other medications that form the Gano Defense System: Ganomax 5, Glucogan (for blood circulation), Flamagan (for the control of inflammation/arthritis), Ganogest (for controlling ulcer and digestion problems) and Hepagan (for liver support).

5th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference held in Nantong, China

The success of the 1st International Medicinal Mushroom Conference (IMMC) held in Kiev, Ukraine in 2001was agreed to be followed every two years, having held in Thailand in 2003, USA in 2005 and Slovenia in 2007.

Last September 5th to 8th, 2009, the Province of Nantong in China welcomed delegate, experts, scholars as well as representative from the nutraceutical community from more than 40 countries to the 5th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference.

Organized by the Mycological Society of China in collaboration with government and non-government research organizations, the conference’ activities includes keynote speeches, symposia, poster session, exhibition and exchange of edible and medicinal mushroom products.