Tsaang Gubat (Carmona retusa (Vahl) Masam) “Wild Tea”

Carmona retusa

Other names: Wild Tea, Forest Tea, Gari, Gai: Alangit; alangitngit, Mangit Semente, Balingsua, Mara-mara, Icha, Buntaitai, Chaang Bundok, Kalimugmog, Kalamuga, Carmona, Philippine tea, Fukien tea

Tsaang- Gubat is registered in the Philippines’ Bureau of Foods and Drugs as a medicine for its proven therapeutic property. This herb is scientifically proven for its medicinal worth mainly its anti-spasmodic effect. It is extensively endorsed by the Philippines’ Department of Health in treatment stomachache, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The herb is prepared by making it as a tea hence its name tsaang-gubat which literally means tea from the forest.

Intensive studies by the National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants (NIRPROMP) showed that tsaang gubat leaves to be effective remedy for biliary colic. It can also work as a good mouth wash as it contains high fluoride content, thus preventing tooth decay.

Traditionally, tsaang gubat is used as a disinfectant wash during childbirth. Newer studies showed that it has an anti-allergy component if used together with sambong and lagundi. Its other components demonstrated promising results as anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial mechanism. Having included in the DOH ten medicinal plants is a testament to its highly proven medicinal properties.