Herbanext Plant Receives Halal Accreditation

With growing consumer appreciation of the high quality standard of halal-certified products, Herbanext in recent months has upgraded its plant operations to be compliant with the equipment, process, and documentation requirements by the Islamic Dawah Council of the Philippines.

Last April 16, 2010, Herbanext plant at Bago City finally received its “Certification of Plant Accreditation” for the manufacture of Halal products. The company is now one of the handful of food supplement companies in the Philippines that satisfies the stringent requirement for the manufacture Halal-certified products. At present, Herbanext manufactures eight halal-certified products consisting of five herbal supplements in capsule form (Ganomax-R, Ganogest, Glucogan, Flamagan, Hepagan), two teas (Salabat-Ginger Tea, Gano Reishi Tea), and one snack food (Banana Chips with Turmeric). These products are now available from its sister company Daily Apple Distributions based in Bacolod City.