Herbanext: Nurturing nature's gift for the health of Filipinos

(The Philippine Star) Updated January 11, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - With today’s increasing demand for natural, plant-based wellness products and alternative medications
, one Filipino company is working for the validation of nature-based medicine by harnessing the healing power of nature with the combined wisdom of Ancient Asian and Filipino curing techniques and advanced scientific methodologies.

Guaranteeing that every product is carefully and systematically produced to provide people with the desired therapeutic or wellness benefit, Herbanext is the brainchild of TOYM awardee, scientist-agriculturist Philip Cruz whose personal interest with the healing potentials of mushrooms, particularly the ganoderma lucidum variety (a polypore mushroom found growing on dead logs in the deepest forests in China), paved the way for the company’s pioneering product, Ganomax R. Together with his colleague, Integrative Medicine physician Dr. Regio Sales, Herbanext later produced other potent medications that form the Gano Defense System: Ganomax 5, Glucogan (for blood circulation), Flamagan (for the control of inflammation/arthritis), Ganogest (for controlling ulcer and digestion problems) and Hepagan (for liver support).

According to Herbanext Marketing Manager Ruby Tanya Cruz, the Gano Defense System line is formulated from organically-farmed herbs to naturally address key illnesses.

Currently operating the first GMP-certified laboratory in Western Visayas region in Bago City, Negros Occidental, Herbanext also runs a five-hectare organic herbal nursery which, in collaboration with the Quiet Place Farm Resort, grows Cruz’s collection of rare herbs and supplies the healing plants used for the company’s continuing research and development. As of present, the cultivation of ganoderma lucidum in Negros is considered the largest in the country.

“Our company is committed to bring not only the benefits of natural healing to the people, but also to make science and technology developments into groundbreaking innovations that help solve medical problems and create entrepreneurial opportunities for Filipinos,” said Cruz.

The Herbanext Gano Defense System is available in leading drugstores nationwide. Its herbal tea range and other manufactured products are also sold in Daily Apple kiosks in leading malls in Iloilo City and soon in Metro Manila. For more details, call (02) 931-6075 / 0922-8609624 or email [email protected]