2013 USA Pharmacy Internship

2013 was the first time Herbanext accepted pharmacy interns from Univeristy of San Agustin (USA) in Iloilo as the company decided to expand its manufacturing operations to cosmetic ingredients. We are really glad to have taken in students from USA for manufacturing internship and specialization internship. The 2013 batch of USA students worked on developing cosmetic products using ingredients produced by Herbanext. Thanks students for assisting us in our R&D efforts and for some promising products which we will surely pursue. The success in the application of these ingredients will eventually mean jobs for the marginalized farmers of Negros. Congratulations Claire Palma and Tresmarie Lopez for besting the rest with your Turmeric Lotion. Many thanks especially to USA College of Pharmacy Head Ms. Charlene Salvilla for sending us good students to work with.